how much do islands cost i want one




why do people say innocent animal do guilty animals even exist 



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I remember when I was in the mental hospital and we were all sitting in the gym waiting to play & I was daydreaming like really hard like I always do when I’m bored to pass time and someone near me popped gum & the woman started screaming at me asking who did it & I said I didn’t know. I mean I was daydreaming way too fucking hard to know. And she was like bullshit you are right there next to whoever did it either you tell me or everyone sits on the wall for another 10 minutes. I’m like, lol I seriously don’t know. And she’s like ok you wanna be like that. You gonna learn you don’t have any friends in here. Like ok. Scream at the person that put screaming makes them have panic attacks on their entry card & act like a belligerent asshole. I think about it so much lol, like if I could go back in time I would snapppp so hard. Don’t ever let anyone of any age treat you like that, that’s fucked up & wrong.


those posts that are like “its okay to be straight/cis/male/white” are so funny because literally the entire world is telling you its okay to be those things but as soon as you see one person point out a problematic behavior or opinion commonly found in members of those groups its like you feel the need to go ultra defensive and defend your right to exist when literally no one has said otherwise

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Nottinghill Gate, London, England | by trueol